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Summer is a Great Time to Update Your Career Documents

July is already drawing to a close and before we know it Labor Day, the unofficial end of the summer in the U.S. will be here. Take advantage of summer Fridays, fewer meetings at work, and vacation/PTO to think about your job and long term career. Ask yourself “When was the last time I thought about my achievements, my responsibilities and what I have learned at work?” The most natural way to do this is to update your resume and your LinkedIn profile.

As a resume and LinkedIn profile writer, I experience summer to be the busiest time in this aspect of my business, and have for many years. The U.S. job market is healthy, however it is a “buyer’s” market and the competition for jobs is steep. Why waste time scrambling to update your documents when something happens to your job because of a reorganization, a new boss, or a company merger? Do it now before the whirlwind of activity begins again in September.