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Julie Jansen

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A dynamic and engaging speaker, Julie Jansen delivers presentations that inspire professionals in all industries and functional areas to take control of their work lives. Her charisma, practical wisdom and down-to-earth style have been thrilling audiences of all sizes across North America, and serve as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

Wit, warmth, intelligence and accessibility are Julie’s hallmarks. She draws on her unique brand of humor; vast experience as a coach, career changer and successful sales executive; and the “Eleven Keys” — qualities that she considers essential to business and career success — as the basis for her entertaining, enlightening presentations.

Julie will customize her presentation to your organization’s needs, interests and culture. She speaks about a variety of topics fluently, and offers several focal areas involving career development, communication, leadership and executive presence. Well known as a keynote and motivational speaker, she speaks at conferences and seminars, and is equally comfortable conducting smaller-group educational sessions such as working lunches and workshops. She also participates on panels, gives webinars, and facilitates meetings and programs.



Stand Out at Work, with Your Network, and On-Line

juliejansen-memorable-optWhether you’re a seasoned executive, in a position of new responsibility, making a career change, or seeking a new job, it’s critical to control the image you portray and the messages you send to others in your work and personal life. Standing out isn’t about being the loudest voice in the room, in a meeting, or online. In this program, audiences will learn:

  • To increase their self-awareness and differentiate and communicate their strengths, value and message face-to-face and through social media
  • How to achieve acknowledgement, respect and understanding through written and oral communication
  • How to effectively craft and utilize their marketing documents (LinkedIn profile, resume, bio, etc.)
  • Ways to network strategically in person and online; and
  • The importance of updating their image.



Handling Difficult People with Aplomb

julie-workwithwho-optNo matter where you work, it’s inevitable that you will need to interact with people who exhibit challenging behavior and traits. Julie offers real-life, practical advice on how to work effectively with the most stubborn, incompetent, lazy, indecisive, irritating, and even repugnant co-workers — whether they’re your boss, colleagues, direct reports, clients, or the CEO’s son.

This program is based on Julie’s acclaimed book, You Want Me to Work With Who? — Eleven Keys to a Stress-Free, Satisfying, and Successful Work Life … No Matter Who You Work With.

The audience will learn to recognize key character traits, and examine applicable, realistic solutions for dealing with these difficult or challenging people more effectively . . .  and coping more successfully in the workplace. Some of the subjects discussed include:

  • The eleven main “keys” that affect our day-to-day workplace behavior
  • How to recognize the root causes of problem behavior and effectively confront those coworkers who demonstrate these traits
  • Coping mechanisms and real solutions for dealing with difficult, inconvenient or distracting behaviors
  • How to meet your own goals without anyone standing in your way



A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work

JulieJansen-I_Dont_Know_What_I_Want-cover-optHate your job but afraid to leave? Dreaming about a career change but unsure what your next step should be? Considering starting your own business? You’re certainly not alone… but sorting through the chaos of opportunities, fears and confidence issues to get started can waylay even the strongest performers!

Julie Jansen — high-profile career coach, author and speaker — helps you think through and make the leap.

Presenting highlights from her best-selling book, I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This — A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Gratifying Work, she’ll get you started on the most exciting journey of your life.

Based on her years of experience, insight, and no-nonsense approach to work and life, Julie tackles common pitfalls and landmines, examining the barriers we create for ourselves — or we have to dodge – to truly explore and realize our career potential. Some of the subjects the audience will hear about are:

  • How to identify and understand what is dissatisfying or missing in their job or career
  • The importance of self-assessment (values, attitudes, skills, etc.) before moving forward
  • Practical techniques for leveraging opportunities and tips for overcoming obstacles; and
  • The action steps necessary for moving on to more meaningful, fulfilling and satisfying work



Career Success or Career Chaos: It’s Up to You!

juliejansen-career-optSome people let their careers carry them along like beach balls, bouncing and changing direction, never quite certain what’s coming next, or how to prepare for change. In contrast, individuals who take charge of their own careers are more likely to be productive and fulfilled — and to be viewed in a positive light by their employers.

Julie Jansen makes a persuasive case for taking a proactive position regarding your career choices, and discusses steps you can take to position yourself more effectively, be an active part of the change happening around you, and work to ensure a more vital – and responsible — role.

Some of the subjects she discusses include:

  • Recognizing the differences between a satisfying career and a chaotic one
  • Why “politics” is not a dirty word, and how to thrive in the workplace
  • The importance of building and nurturing a network both inside and outside your organization
  • How to constantly assess your strengths
  • Taking advantage of opportunities for professional development, no matter where you are in your career



Connect! Developing Relationships that Reap Results

juliejansen-networkingIf you think networking is passé, think again! Especially in this era of globalization, technology and constant change, building relationships to realize business and personal goals is more important than ever.

When it comes to networking, Julie Jansen wrote the book – literally!  A master networker, author, speaker and coach, Julie shares her secrets, lessons and tips to help audiences better develop this critical skill. The audience will learn:

  • How networking can ensure professional and personal success
  • A review of the basic steps in the networking process
  • Using social media effectively to connect with people across the globe
  • Networking etiquette
  • Creative ways to cultivate valuable relationships and keep your contacts alive



The Fundamental Elements of Professional Success

juliejansen-lead-optIndividuals in a leadership or management role are expected to act in a consistently professional manner, to exhibit confidence and poise, and to be a positive role model for others. Taking initiative and responsibility, adhering to a code of conduct and ethics, maintaining a positive attitude, respecting others, and presenting yourself to the best of your ability are all part of the package.

Julie Jansen works with talented, experienced professionals, executives and junior leaders at corporations, non-profit organizations, universities and businesses across North America. A skilled executive coach, she understands the nuances of leadership, and the tools, vision and instincts one needs to be successful at managing teams and relationships. Some of the subjects she discusses include:

  • How to present yourself as a leader through confidence, communication and image
  • How to make colleagues and clients feel important, attended to and respected
  • The importance of understanding and fitting into your organization’s culture
  • How successful leaders effectively motivate, develop employees and innovate



What You Say AND How You Say it Matters!

juliejansen-communication-optThe single greatest cause of problems and misunderstanding is poor communication. Whether it’s between individuals, team members, colleagues or with customers, when messages are garbled, unclear or ambiguous, this has a direct impact on relationships, productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

Julie Jansen covers a wide range of communication skills, from listening and reading people, to asking questions and influencing decisions. Participants learn effective e-mail, conference call and meeting etiquette, and techniques for getting the best results from these and other vital communication venues. Anyone who works with people (that’s everyone!) can benefit from this informative and interactive session. Some of the subjects Julie covers include:

  • The skill of conversation
  • Technology etiquette
  • Improving your listening and feedback skills
  • How to change poor communication habits such as rambling and interrupting
  • Persuasive presenting



Time-Management Techniques That Work

juliejansen-time-optAre you often late to meetings? Do deadlines elude you?  Are you easily distracted or constantly running out of time? Make the clock your ally instead of your nemesis — with Julie Jansen’s effective time-management techniques, you can reduce your stress, increase your productivity, stop working a 12-hour day, and bring improved balance to your life.

Participants learn fundamental skills such as prioritizing, planning, delegating, and how to effectively manage conference calls, meetings, and e-mail. Other topics Julie covers include:

  • How to maintain focus, diminish distractions and interruptions, and say “No”
  • Surefire ways to conquer procrastination
  • Practical tips for managing your e-mail and technology
  • Prioritizing tasks and projects
  • Developing time-saving habits
  • Blending your work and life more successfully

Speaking FAQs

Does the client choose the topic/s?

Yes, they either have a specific need, a theme or a developmental opportunity that they would like a speaker to reinforce.

How long do Julie’s presentations last?

Speeches are 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, though usually an hour with added time for questions and answers. Julie offers workshops, as well, which run from two hours to a full day.

Where are Julie’s speeches and workshops delivered?

Either at your company, or at a hotel or restaurant.

How does Julie charge for these services?

Julie charges a flat speaking fee, plus reimbursed expenses.

When Julie speaks to a group, is her presentation customized?

Julie’s speeches and presentations are always customized to the audience’s functional specialty and professional level, as well as their industry. For workshops she sends out a questionnaire ahead of time. For a speech, she interviews a few key people at the company or organization. She also does research on the company and industry to expand on the industry knowledge and experience she already has.

How does Julie measure her success as a speaker?

Julie uses a written evaluation for speaker feedback, talks with the sponsoring organization following her presentation, and gauges audience reaction, interaction and participation. She has been recognized for her speaking and writing successes in a variety of national broadcast media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and online), and is often contacted by media as an experienced source for interviews, content and opinions.