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Julie Jansen

Capturing your unique strengths and skills

Whether you’re highly experienced, looking for your first job or somewhere in between, Julie Jansen will write your resumé and LinkedIn profile so you are found by hiring managers and recruiters who want to interview you.

juliejansen-career_coaching-05-optIn today’s intensely competitive work environment, it’s tough to get noticed. Applying for jobs online is cold and impersonal. Before you ever see a face or hear a voice, you’re viewing company websites, job boards like Indeed, CareerBuilder, Simply Hired and dozens of others, or pursuing jobs posted by recruiters on LinkedIn. It’s time consuming and frustrating. You may hear back, but you often don’t, and it can take months before anything happens at all. What can you do to improve your odds of being noticed?

It all starts with having a strong, effective resumé, an equally strong profile on LinkedIn, and a creative outreach strategy for selling yourself so you stand out from the crowd.

After discussing your needs by phone and having you complete a comprehensive questionnaire, Julie provides ideas and strategic thinking – based on her knowledge of the job market, companies and industries – to help you sell yourself effectively and appeal to potential employers.

Julie suggests changes and rewrites your resumé to make it targeted, contemporary and professional. She also works with you to sharpen your LinkedIn profile to include key words and competencies that employers and recruiters are looking for. Additionally, she will draft or edit your cover letters and networking emails.

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Resumé Writing FAQs

How does the resumé-writing process work?

Julie offers a free initial phone consultation, and then will send you a questionnaire. Once she’s received your current resumé and completed questionnaire – and possibly a job posting that is appealing to you – Julie will complete the first draft of the revised resumé in five to seven days, sending it back for editing and approval.

Does Julie review/edit resumes only as a standalone service?

Julie reviews resumés for free.  She does not simply “edit,” but does rewrite resumés, for a set fee.  She often is contacted by previous clients to update the resumé she wrote for them in the past if they need a new version for internal promotion or a job search.

Does Julie write cover letters or biographies?

Yes, she writes both. She only writes a cover letter for a specific job, as it needs to be customized for the specific company or opportunity. She also writes Board resumés and email copy used for outreach and job applications.

Does Julie work directly with recruiters and headhunters?

No, although some refer clients to her and she knows many through her speaking and coaching practice.

Does Julie’s service include practice interviews?

Yes. She works with clients to help them prepare for specific job opportunities, and does general-practice preparation to help clients address the kinds of tough questions they may be asked in actual phone, Skype or in-person interviews.

How does Julie charge for her services?

Hourly for coaching; a flat fee for rewriting and revising a resumé; and a flat fee for writing a LinkedIn profile. She offers a complimentary (no charge) resumé review.

LinkedIn Profile Writing

Stand out from the crowd

Make your LinkedIn profile relevant, appealing and effective

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