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Just did 17 radio interviews! Here’s what the radio hosts asked me.

Penguin set up a radio tour for me today to talk about the third revision of my book I Don’t Know What I Want, But I Know It’s Not This. The radio stations were in Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Florida, Minneapolis, Wisconsin, New York, Nebraska, Ohio, Utah, Oregon, Kentucky, and my home state Connecticut. I wish I had the space to give a shout out to the specific stations and hosts. They were all wonderful! One thing was clear …radio hosts LOVE what they do!

Here are some of the questions I was asked:

  • How does someone deal with the fear of being laid off?

It is not healthy or productive to live in fear of losing your job. Keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated. Stay in touch with your network. Look at postings to keep aware of who is hiring. Be sure you know yourself and what makes you satisfied in a job.

  • How does social media fit into career change and job search today?

It is essential to have a profile with a photo on LinkedIn and to be careful about what you post on Facebook as well as what you tweet. Potential employers do google you and your social media presence is a part of their decision about interviewing you.

  • Why are there so many people who seem to want to change careers?

It is much more socially acceptable to change careers in 2016 than it ever has been. Technology, globalization, and both employer’s and employee’s expectations have changed. Not to mention that it is natural that people change, grow, and have different needs that their current job or career may not be giving them.

  • What is different about the book since you first wrote it in 2003?

2003 was the height of the dot.com era. There weren’t that many career books out there that focused on changing careers. When I revised it again in 2010 the Great Recession was just ending. Many people had lost their jobs and those that had them were grateful to be employed. Now in 2016, it is a robust job market however very competitive. Unemployed, underemployed and employed people are looking for work on some level.

See you next week!