Executive Coaching

Helping Professionals Achieve Their Potential

Julie Jansen

Partnering with executives and managers to enhance skills and competencies

Companies invest a fortune in their leaders and professional staff. So why shouldn’t that investment include professional development such as improving communication and leadership skills, and enhancing emotional intelligence? Julie coaches individuals to ensure that others perceive them as proactive, creative managers capable of making important decisions, motivating teams effectively, and working well with colleagues, customers and clients, contractors and other key stakeholders.

Julie Jansen offers a variety of executive coaching services to leaders, managers, senior contributors and high-potential employees. This includes one-on-one professional development for managers or employees who are struggling, as well as helping leaders achieve their personal and professional potential. She also facilitates strategy, team building and brainstorming meetings.


Coaching valued professionals

What do you do when you have a very talented employee, someone who shows great promise and has terrific technical or professional skills, but is either new to a management job or just isn’t developing his or her potential as a leader after a reasonable amount of time?

Maybe this person doesn’t listen effectively, struggles with time management, or has trouble interacting well with peers and subordinates. Whatever the issues, you want them to succeed, and realize they – and the organization – could benefit from coaching.

Julie Jansen specializes in one-on-one personal and professional development to help ensure ROI for highly valued employees. She interviews leaders and peers to learn about the individual’s strengths and developmental gaps, and once she’s assessed his or her challenges and needs, creates a customized coaching process to help address issues, opportunities and barriers that are preventing the individual from achieving his or her potential.

Coaching individuals and teams for improved leadership abilities and communication skills

Julie’s most popular executive coaching areas

Julie offers a variety of highly relevant workshops and speaking topics to help management teams better coalesce, improve their motivation and communication skills, learn how to effectively give – and receive – feedback, and to strengthen their interpersonal and leadership abilities.

This isn’t just rainy-day team development or for troubled teams – it’s for forward-thinking organizations that have high expectations for their leaders, and know that their return on investment includes highly motivated, productive communicators, strategists and tacticians.


For professionals whose non-verbal, speaking, writing, listening, and presentation skills need improvement.

Executive Presence

For technically talented professionals who can benefit from improving their image, communication skills, poise, confidence, political savvy, style and overall presence.

New Managers and Leaders

For people who have recently been promoted or hired into a leadership role and would like to develop their team leadership, strategic agility, influencing, and communication competencies.

Time Management

For those who are challenged by multiple priorities, conflicting tasks, e-mails, meetings, projects, and the effective blending of work and life issues.

Executive Coaching FAQs

Why do organizations hire Julie to work with their employees?

Most organizations realize that enhanced business results are gained through developing individual and group behavioral skills and values integration within the organization. While optimizing performance requires the intense focus of the entire team, the key ingredient to sustained performance is engaged and effective managers and employees throughout the organization.

An external, experienced coach can quickly understand and appreciate an organization’s unique cultural nuances. This includes building trust with key stakeholders, and someone who is skilled at reprogramming bad habits, identifying skill gaps, and suggesting activities and techniques to help an executive or high-potential professional to meet their goals and objectives. This in turn helps the organization meet their business objectives.

Does Julie work with executives only?

Julie works with senior leaders, managers, individual contributors, and high-potential employees across every generation and functional area in an organization.

What kind of companies and organizations hire Julie for executive coaching?

Julie has worked with hundreds of companies in a wide variety of industries, including consumer products, pharma, financial services, healthcare, technology, education, entertainment, law firms, media, professional services, fashion, manufacturing, non-profits and more. You can view her client list here.

Who does Julie typically work with at a corporation or organization?

The CEO, Human Resources leader, or business owner tend to be her primary contact, and the manager of the individual whom she is coaching is an active champion in the coaching process.

What is the process of executive coaching?

Typically, an executive coaching engagement includes the following steps:

  • Julie has initial, individual meetings with the person to be coached, his or her manager, and human resources or the CEO.
  • Julie conducts a 360 review comprising confidential, structured phone interviews about the person. Together, the individual and his or her manager identify six to eight key stakeholders to be interviewed by Julie.
  • A written report of the feedback results is developed and given to the coaching candidate, protecting the anonymity of each participant. No one else sees this report.
  • Julie and the coaching candidate work together to write a one-page action plan summarizing three things that they will work on together. This is shared with HR and the person’s manager.
  • The coaching period typically lasts six months, with approximately two face-to-face meetings per month. Three-month intervals and a fixed number of sessions are other options.

How does Julie charge for her executive coaching services?

Julie charges a flat fee for her coaching services for six- and three-month programs. Pricing can be customized, and is determined for each opportunity after speaking with the company or organization.