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Phase four of a job search – Get involved in as many activities as you can

The job search process is not scientific or logical. Because of this, to be successful it’s important that you try a lot of different things in order to meet people who can help you generate leads. Here are some suggestions: Your network – reach out to everyone you know. Be specific about what you are looking for, offer to help them and keep in touch with your network regularly to stay top of mind. Also, always ask for new referrals or introductions. LinkedIn is a huge element of business networking. Spend 15-20 minutes a day researching, connecting with people, and […]

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Phase three of a job search – Write down and practice responses to questions

Interviewing is a nerve-wracking situation for many people. Unfortunately it is highly unlikely that you will get a job offer without going on at least one interview. And companies today are asking job candidates to interview with numerous employees on the phone, via Skype, on panels, and in other settings. So, the best strategy for anyone looking for a job is to prepare responses to questions and objections you predict that you will receive during the interview. What is most important to a future employer is how a candidate can solve their problems, meet their needs, and fit into the […]

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Phase two of a job search – Who is your target audience?

Once you have been introspective about your achievements, stories that describe them and the competencies that your accomplishments align with, it’s time to turn your attention to the external world. This means identifying your target audience – who would want to talk with you, meet you, refer you to other prospects and of course hire you. Logically, when embarking on a job search, many people will look at the industry they currently work in first. Competing companies almost always interview people who are already familiar with and experienced in their specific industry. If you are open to working for your […]

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Phase one of a job search – Know yourself and be able to articulate it well

In my last post I talked about the five phases involved in an effective job search campaign. Phase one is all about being able to describe your skills, competencies and success stories, not only on your resume and LinkedIn profile, but while you are networking, and especially during interviews. It would be a lot easier to do this if you regularly documented these things at your job, however most people don’t do this, relying instead on their performance reviews. We know that performance reviews are flawed and can’t possibly capture the entire picture of your achievements, stories and competencies. Let’s […]

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Want a new job in 2014? First, understand what job search entails.

Most of you will be facing your first full week of work after the Christmas and New Year holidays next Monday January 6th. If the idea of this makes you groan, specifically because you don’t like your job or are just ready to move on, then it’s time to do something about it. Thinking about starting a job search is daunting for many people. Similar to many large goals or projects, it’s best to break it down into smaller tasks and phases. Today’s post will give you a 20,000 feet view of a job search campaign (yes, it’s ideal if […]

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Holiday Reflections

My blog posts tend to be educational and today it’s merely a brief musing inspired by the season. It’s 11 days until Christmas, then a week and a half later, along comes New Year’s. This time of year is jam-packed with holiday parties, donating toys, coats, food and money to people and causes that we care about, giving gifts to family and friends, sending cards, appreciating clients and service providers and let’s not forget decorating. As I look out my window, I am watching beautiful snowflakes fall. It’s Saturday so my Outlook email inbox is not filling up with emails […]

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