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The History of Labor Day

Labor Day honors the American labor movement and the contributions that workers make to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill making Labor Day a federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day is also considered to be the unofficial end of the summer season, and Labor Day weekend marks the beginning of many fall sports. As a kid, I remember hearing that Labor Day was considered the last day that it was acceptable to wear the color white. I sure am glad this has changed! Work is important for many reasons besides the need […]

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It’s about time

Are you managing time, or is it managing you? Today’s high pressured 24/7  world of email, phone messages, social media, and office intranets have people more irritable and anxious than ever before. Ironically, employees have become slaves to the technology that is supposed to keep them connected and make their lives easier, and the price is more physical and emotional stress, reduced work quality and productivity, and burnout. No work/life balance Many of the people I coach complain about how being constantly “on” cuts into their personal lives, family time, fun, and health. They feel pressured to keep checking their […]

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Managing Up is Just About Effective Communication

Even though everyone puts his or her pants on the same way – typically one leg at a time – someone with authority can be intimidating, and junior employees may not be comfortable approaching leaders to discuss projects, ask questions or, heaven forbid, make small talk. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I don’t want a face-to-face with so and so because I’m afraid of sounding stupid?” Or have you had your own second thoughts and hesitated to discuss the status of something, or provide feedback because the person you needed to connect with seemed too busy, […]

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Managers, know thyself

Most people who complain about their jobs often are complaining about their manager. “My boss makes me so nervous: he questions everything, treats people like they’re incompetent, is really negative, and never listens to what I’m saying.” Sound familiar? It is to me – it’s a common lament, and though often followed by guilt over he or she “being a nice person,” these employees, who typically are hungry for attention, feedback, and responsibility, instead put their creative energy into a job search. If you’re a manager, you’re also a role model. You may not realize how you set the tone […]

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Does a new year mean a new job or career?

January is always one of the busiest months for me in terms of writing resumes and LinkedIn profiles and meeting with people who need coaching help to determine what their next step should be work-wise. There are two areas to pay attention to and work on if you are yearning for a change. They are focus and packaging. Focus is an extremely important element of finding a new job or switching careers. It isn’t a good idea to update your resume or LinkedIn profile if you are not clear about what you want to do next. It also is difficult […]

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It’s Labor Day!

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays! Why? As a career coach, author, and speaker, my primary focus is helping people to identify and find work that meets their needs and fulfill their values. The sad part about Labor Day for many is that it also represents the unofficial end of Summer. Work is such a significant aspect of most people’s existence, whether it is about earning money, creating or producing something, making an impact, or further developing or learning new skills. When you don’t enjoy or like what you are doing work-wise, these feelings can easily cast a […]

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